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11/07/2014 Press, VAFO Brit Pet Food (ENG) -

They are individual, they are specific, they are charming. They are SMALL. Temperament dogs of the smallest breeds live to a ripe old age and their organism makes considerable demands both on nutrition quality and energy contained in relatively small portion of food. In compliance with small dogs’ individual needs, Brit, a Czech producer of time-tested pet food, introduces a new nutrition programme for the smallest breeds: the PETIT line. It includes complex foods, meat canned food and pouches, treats and nutrition supplements. Thus, expanding breeding of small dogs has its flagship of luxury nutrition without compromises.

PETIT line meets high nutritive requirements of the small breeds. Individual foods have special size, high meat and energy content and are distinguished by great digestibility. They also contain functional components which help to improve small dogs’ physical condition and quality of their hair. It’s the line rich with energy, containing effective components to support proper heartbeat, providing long-term antioxidant protection, healthy teeth and overall vitality. Apart form its functional character, PETIT pet foods are diverse and variable and so they are attractive even for the pickiest eaters.

The most popular breeds are for example Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Pug or Bichon. A nutritionist Ing. Martin Kváš explains their specific nutritional needs: “Toy dog breeds live, roughly, even three times longer than big dogs do, and thus they need functional food to support their circulatory system, vitality, healthy teeth and joints. Small dogs have very short digestive system and small stomach. At the same time they have huge energy consumption. They thus need food made from the highest quality components and with high meat content. The food should be low grain or completely grain free.” Except for specific anatomy, which requires individual approach to nutrition, those dogs are usually hard to groom. That’s why also the quality of their hair becomes the next level of love for our smallest four legged pets.

PETIT dry foods are designed according to the three basic life stages: puppy (1–12 months), adult
(1-10 years) and senior (above 10 years). An adult nutrition requires various meat sources, which cover the whole spectrum of essential amino acids vital for nutrition of muscles and proper function of organism.

Both canned and pouched food provides for specific taste variations according to individual pet’s preference. The food is made from natural ingredients designated for human consumption. PETIT luxury products are enriched with salmon oil for shiny and healthy hair. Their juiciness, taste and smell complete everyday nutrition and are popular lure for the smallest fellows.

Also PETIT delicious treats comply with the small breeds’ anatomy, in particular with their small jaws. The treats don’t contain any grains, salt or soya and are made from 100% poultry and fish meat.

Those healthy snacks are suitable dietary supplements for prevention against the most common small breeds’ health problems, as heart diseases caused by high level of stress, or increased occurrence of tartar because of an advanced age. They also help our dogs to maintain healthy hair and presentable look. Great taste and anatomical shape of the treats gain popularity with every pet.

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