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We have been talking about it for quite a long time – all pets are original and need an individual approach. All the more if the cat is a real character. Their needs vary according to their age, their home and other specific qualities. Cats’ way of life, their daily routines and needs provide the key to their nutrition. This is why Brit has developed a product line suited to their common requirements but also attentive to their individual wants. Brit Care Cat food is designed to match your cat’s personality and its story.

Your cat is carnivorous and meat is indispensible to it. This is why Brit Care Cat food contains a high percentage of meat, while avoiding the most typical allergens such as maize, wheat or soya. This ensures low risk of allergic reactions or indigestion. The new recipe will satisfy all those cat-lovers who wish to prevent potential health issues by means of suitable nutrition.

The presence of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium is also important as it caters for optimal mineralisation of the body and in combination with sea-buckthorn’s anti-inflammatory effect it protects kidneys and the urinary system. The complex of active vitamin C and sodium hexametaphosphate prevents the occurrence of tartar and maintains your cat’s gums and teeth healthy.

Whether your cat is a kitten or an adult, whether it lives indoors or outdoors and whether it is a long-haired breed or a neutered cat, their health must meet these parameters. Beyond these, we enter a zone where your cat’s character and its specific needs require individual treatment. This is why Brit Care Cat food comes in ten different variations to suit every cat’s story.

Brit Care Cat Crazy
My name is Crazy and I was born three months ago. I found myself in a new family. I have my own cat bed here, a tree, a litter box, a parrot and a Human, who takes care of me every day. He knows that I‘m growing up fast and I need food rich in meat, nutrients and vitamins for healthy development of my muscles, senses and immune system. Every day I climb down my cat tree and have a generous helping. I know that my Human is going to see to it that I grow into a strong and healthy cat.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Formula for Kittens (1-12 months)

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– Easily digestible proteins to ENSURE proper muscle development
– The correct balance of DHA & EPA b SUPPORTS the development of the central nervous system
– Prebiotics & Vitamin C enhance natural immunity

Brit Care Lucky

My name is Lucky and I live with a dog and a Human in a house by a river. I don‘t like water but I sometimes stroll down to the woods on the other side. My Human has children who play with me. When it makes me hungry, I go and have a look into my bowl. There is always food in it which smells and tastes delicious. It makes me feel great, I‘m healthy and full of energy. I‘m glad my Human family knows what is good for me.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Formula for Adult Cats

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– The SHMP complex & vitamin C prevent Tartar buildup & aid healthy gums
– Soluble psyllium fibre improves the digestion process
– Essential substances (arginine & taurine) ensure the proper performance of vital functions

Brit Care Cat Angel
I live with my Family in a cottage by the lake. Although I don‘t like water very much, I watch my Master fishing every day. He always gets annoyed when I knock the float around with my paw. It‘s our favorite game which we have been playing for 8 years, ever since I was born. Every day my Mistress feeds me pet food specially designed for older cats. It is perfectly crunchy so I can chew it easily and I don’t get toothache. I‘m glad my Family treats me with proper care and I purr happily every day.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Formula for Senior Cats (over 8 years)

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– Crunchy dry food improves your cat´s appetite & encourages your cat to chew
– Low fat / high fibre content aid digestion and helps to avoid weight increase
– Low magnesium content reduces the concentrate urine occurrence and maintains optimal urine PH 6.0-6.5

Brit Care Cat Cheeky
My name is Cheeky and I live on the roof of a big house. There is a beautiful tree right next to it, which I climb down, and a narrow path gets me into a yard. There I sit on top of the dog’s kennel and I watch the other Animals in the yard. My favourite animals are the hens and ducks. Freedom means everything to me. I only go and see my Humans in the evening, when they fix me a bowl of my favorite food. It gives me the energy to set out on my nightly prowl.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Venison & Rice Formula for Adult Cats living outdoor

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– Contains Chondroprotectives for Healthy joints & cartilage
– The SHMP complex & Vitamin C prevent tartar buildup & aid healthy gums
– Essential substances (Arginine & Taurine) ENSURE the proper performance of vital functionsů

Brit Care Cat Monty
When I moved into the house, it wasn’t nice at all. I let them know what I thought and went to sulk in the bathroom by the washing machine. Its sound soothed me and I fell asleep. When I woke up, my new room was already waiting for me, with a cat climbing frame, a few beds and places to relax, and a box full of toys. Since then it‘s become my kingdom. Everybody’s welcome to drop by but I won’t share my food i with anybody. I love it and it improves my digestion. And, best of all, I don‘t have any problems with hairballs any more.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Formula for Adult Cats living Indoor

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– The complex of 3 types of fibre (psyllium, apple and beet) HELPS the easy passage of hairballs
– Yucca extract supports your cat’s metabolism and reduces unpleasant odour
– The SHMP complex & Vitamin C prevent tartar build up & aid healthy gums

Brit Care Cat Lilly
My name is Lilly and I live in the city. When I was small I often didn‘t feel well and my skin was so itchy I had to scratch all the time. Then my Mistress consulted a vet and got me a cat food which tastes great and makes me feel good. She explained to me that this is because it is made of non-allergenic meats and doesn’t contain any cereal. Cereal really did not do me any good at all. My fur’s much betterand the itchiness is gone. As a thank you for a full bowl, I cuddle up with my Mistress every day.

Superpremium hypoallergenic
Lamb & Salmon / Grain Free Formula for Cats with Sensitive Digestion

2 kg │ 386 Kč

– Grain-free, high meat, low carbohydrate content for cats with sensitive digestion
– Highly digestible novel proteins reduce the risk of food intolerance
– Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) improves Liver Function

Brit Care Cat Sunny
My name is Sunny and I like watching my reflection in the window. My hair shines
and gleams so much that the birds from the surroundings fly closer to see what it is. I‘m pleased with that of course, because I can watch them through the window. To keep my hair beautiful, I eat special food, which my Mistress buys for me. It contains salmon, which not only tastes delicious but also keeps my skin and coat in a perfect condition..

Superpremium hypoallergenic Salmon & Rice Formula for Adult Cats with demanding Coat Care

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– Marigold & high level of omega 3 oils AID shiny fur
– Zinc & Biotin naturally HELP to improve fur & skin quality
– Essential substances (Arginine & Taurine) ensure the proper performance of vital functions

Brit Care Cat Daisy
I‘m a gourmet and food is my passion. I like trying the different treats which the local kids bring me. But oops, when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror the other day, it gave me a shock. I‘ve put on so much weight, immediate action is needed right now. The most important thing is that Charlie, the tomcat next door, doesn‘t notice anything. I and my Mistress decided to go on a diet together. She got me special food, which contains little fat and is rich in easily digestible proteins. I believe it can help me lose weight and soon I’ll be able to show myself in front of Charlie and whip my tail proudly.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Turkey & Rice Formula for Overweight Cats

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– High Protein (40%), low fat (10%) content helps to reduce weight effectively
– L-carnitine enhances weight-loss
– Psyllium, apple, beet fibre improves the digestion process

Brit Care Cat Missy
My name is Missy and I don‘t like going out. I am afraid of wild cats and the other temptation of the big city. My vet recommended sterilization, for health reasons. Before I knew it, it was done. My Mistress didn’t want me to gain weight, so she gets me special food. It helps me keep optimal weight and, thanks to the balanced mineral content, it decreases urine concentration so I don‘t have to worry about kidney diseases.

SSuperpremium hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Formula for Sterilised Cats

2 kg │ 372 Kč

– Low magnesium content reduces the concentrate urine occurrence and maintains optimal urine PH 6.0-6.5
– Sea buckthorn Extract contributes to healthy kidneys and urinary tract
– Low fat / high fibre content aid digestion and help to avoid weight increase

Brit Care Cat Cocco

Consider this interview to be highly
confidential. My name is Cocco and I come from a very famous family of British Cats . In our family, we like to eat well and at every get-together of Cats and Humans, the delicacies served would make your head spin. To be honest, when I get home with my Human, I don‘t just fancy any old food. We had to try out a few cat foods – and we finally found the right one. It makes my mouth water and a full bowl always brings me over. I have to move quickly so nobody else gets there first. Every day I eat like a queen.

Superpremium hypoallergenic Duck & Salmon / Grain Free Formula for choosy cats and cats with problematic food intake

2 kg │ 386 Kč

– Catmint is irresistible for the cat’s sensitive palate
– Essential substances (Arginine & Taurine) ensure the proper performance of vital functions
– High meat & grain-free formula satisfies the fussiest of cats

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